How to create a master-detail mail merge?

Mail merge invoices, catering menus as a master-detail report

* 9.5.2021 *

Data structure

Edi - Texteditor requires minimal amount of data, to create a master-detail mail merge.

The master row (1), and the first detail are joined into a full row.

Further detail rows contain only differences to the full row (2).

All missing values in the detail rows are taken from the master row.

Due to the empty spaces between master rows, the whole data table looks much cleaner.
Create data table for master detail mail merge

Detail fields

As default, all mail merge fields in a document are of type master.

A field must be of type detail to be printed multiple times on the same page.

Select all detail fields and change their field type to detail.

Define detail fields in a master-detail mail merge
You can place the detail fields in a single table row (like the above one), or in a single list item.

Aggregate fields

Some fields are aggregate ones. The aggregate fields are:

  • Count: A count of detail rows per page.
  • Sum: A sum of all detail values.
  • Min: The least value of all details.
  • Max: The opposite to Min

Change the field type of the field Due-Amount to Sum, for showing the summary.

Define aggregated sum field in a master-detail mail merge

Master-detail key

For creating a master-detail mail merge a key is required.

All data on the same page must have the same key value.

Is there no key defined, e.g. there is no invoice-, order- or customer number provided, a unique key should be created manually, as an additional column in the Data View.

In the following screenshot the key is the number of the payment reminder.

Set the key in a master-detail mail merge

Select mail merge data for printing

In case you need to print only a single page, please select only the concerning rows.

Is there no selection provided, all pages are printed.

Select data for a master-detail mail merge

In the Text View there is only the first detail row visible.

For viewing all detail rows, please click the button Print Preview at the top of the main window.

Print preview of a master-detail mail merge
The best way to learn more about master-detail mail merge, is to download and analyse a ready made serial letter templates from the online repository.
Download a master-detail mail merge template