What is mail merge?

A short explanation what mail merge is and how is it solved in Edi

* 24.1.2020 *

What is Mail Merge?

According to Wikipedia - mail merge is a letter sent to multiple recipients. Parts of the letter are personalized to make the recipients thinking - the letter is written specially for them. For mail merge is a database and letter template required.

Mail Merge with MS Office

MS Excel could be a great database. You can easily define, group, sort and format your data in columns or rows. Unfortunately you cannot mail merge with MS Excel since it lacks of a text processor, required for creating the mail merge template.

With MS Word you can edit sophisticated document templates. Ms Word offers however no database to store the mail merge data.

Mail Merge with Edi

Edi combines the advantages of MS Word and MS Excel and additionally it eliminates the known disadvantages of mail merge with MS Office.

Due to the internal connection between its spreadsheet (data view) and the text processor (text view), you don't ever need to switch between multiple applications. Edi can automatically synchronize spreadsheet data with document fields.

Mail merge with Edi is a matter of minutes.

Mail Merge in 60 seconds. Without cheats, in real time