Edi Partner Program

What is the Partner Program?

You advertise Edi. For each sold product you'll get a provision from share-it, global E-Commerce Plattform.

How the technique works?

You will receive a dedicated version of Edi which you offer to download. You may offer this version in an unmodified form to download. Your partner identifier will be placed during the first product installation on the end user's computer. It remains there even after product update from other sources (such as the Edi website or another partner's website).

Visiting the online shop using your dedicated Edi version identifies you uniquely as a product provider. This is the key to determine your provision.

How the business works?

The partner program begins as soon as your application as our partner is approved.

Following are the main features of the program:
  • the payment of your provision shall occur monthly insofar as the sum due exceeds a value of EUR 100 / USD 100
  • the provision shall not be paid if the end user will not meet his payment obligations or will meet them only partially, or if for any other reason the invoice to the end user was cancelled (e.g. in cases where a chargeback of a credit card charge, a return of a direct debit payment or a return of the software product occurs)
  • with your password protected partner website you can monitor the purchase process

Partner registration

Please contact us if you have any questions or other ideas to cooperate.