Create Payment Reminder

The easiest way to create a payment reminder is to open a dialog and download the document template from the online database of Edi.

Download document template of the payment reminder.

You define the recipient and invoice data in the spreadsheet.

Define recipient and invoice data in the spreadsheet.

Then you switch to the text document view. The recipient and invoice data are automatically synchronized with document fields in the document.

Link spreadsheet data with document fields of the payment reminder.

You can save the payment reminder as Pdf, Docx, Doc, Odt, Epub, Mht or Html or send it directly per email.

Mail merge payment reminder as pdf, doc, docx, odt, epub, mht or html document.

The following video demonstrates creating a payment reminder as multiple PDF files and naming those files according to your own rules, defined in a document field.

With Edi FREE you can create serial letters as PDF documents and send them as personalized emails. You may use Edi FREE at no cost, as long as you wish, even for commercial purposes, e.g.
  • mail merge into multiple PDF files
  • customize name of each PDF file in mail merge
  • use MS Word, OpenOffice and Excel files as mail merge templates
  • download serial letter templates from the Online Datebase of Edi (e.g. payment reminder)
  • send serial letters as personalized emails
  • send serial letters with PDF attachments (new!)
  • define multiple email recipients per single email (CC, BCC) (new!)
  • use personalized greeting and subject for each recipient

Download Edi FREE
Edi PRO offers you additionally:
  • mail merge into encrypted PDF
  • encrypt each PDF file with different password in your serial letter
  • create serial letters as Doc, Docx, Odt, Epub, Mht or Html files
  • mail merge into a single document storing one dataset per page
  • send serial letters with encrypted PDF files as email attachments (new!)
  • use multiple sender identities (FROM) according to your business needs
  • use multiple email servers to elude server SPAM limits

Pay only once for Edi PRO and you may use it lifelong. There are no subscriptions and no other hidden fees. Edi is On-Premises-Software. It installs on your computer completely locally. There are no third party cloud providers involved. Your data belongs 100% to you and it stays 100% with you.

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Download Edi FREE

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Purchase once - use Edi PRO lifelong

- pay only once
- use it lifelong
- 100% on premise